THE story

ZaseRýže Clothing Chim Lac Collection O Nás

Once upon a time there was this guy Long and the girl Thuy and they wanted to create something awesome. No, just kidding! 😄 We just wanted to start the story interesting way.

ZaseRýže (before)

We love food, cooking and talking – isn’t this the perfect combination for doing the now-so-famous foodblogging? Yes, it is! So we started to write recipes, organize cooking courses and having fun with all the things we did (and are still doing).

After a while we realised that cooking with everyone is nice but what’s more awesome is that we all enjoyed the atmosphere, we shared stories connected with the food. That’s how the concept came up – Behind every meal, every food, there is a story to tell.

And we want to continue with this idea…

ZaseRýže (now)

Yes, the story continues. But don’t worry, this won’t take long ☺️

We bought papers to print on tees and we printed papers normally in the printer. That’s how our hobby started. We’ve had this idea of doing our own merch for a veeery long time. But we just silently printed for fun, for family and friends at the beginning.

Then we found a way to use this hobby to do something that brings good cause…

The translation of Zase Rýže is “It’s rice.. again..”. Because we eat rice everyday since we were small and we don’t think that this will ever change. And as we told you about the stories behind every meal, there are stories behind every bowl of rice – the life of people who work in the rice fields. They have a very modest life and because the education system in Vietnam is not mandatory and if you want to attend, you have to pay for tuition fee, then not all children go to school. Those are mostly kids from highland.

Of course we want them to have an education as high as the highland! So in cooperation with organization Cơm có thịt (Only rice is not enough) we want to donate, every half year, 10% of our profit from selling ZaseRýže merch.

Luckily we’re not alone in this. We have friends that have printing machines, friends that are models or photographers, friends that have their own brand/restaurants/coffeshops and of course friends around us, they all want to help. WE’RE HAPPY TO HAVE THEM.

To be honest, this idea completely melted our heart. We cannot wait for you to see more of our collections that (let’s be honest) look good!

Thuy & Long